Band hires director mid-season

Alanna Thompson

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The mornings before the first week of school the band room was silent, no music, no marching, no noise, no director.

Through pressure from the media and parents, the band now has a new director.

“My mom sent an email to KVIA because she was fed up,” senior Cesar Rice said.  “She was tired of the school not doing what they could so she reached out to the media.”

The band students felt that part of their family was missing.

“It’s like having a family but you’re missing your parent,” sophomore Raquel Gallegos said. “We have an actual family and that’s what our director was like, our parent. It’s a mother father role that the director plays.”

They faced many challenges but were able to work together and help each other out.

“We had a lot of beginners that just didn’t know how to play and we had to teach them from the ground up,” Cesar said. “There was no one there to tell us what to do, it was just us.”

Drum major, senior Jennie Wagner said, “it felt a little weird” to perform without a director.

“Even though I felt like it was my responsibility to make sure the band was doing well I still had help and I’m very grateful for that,” Jennie said.

Many upperclassman were taking initiative, even sophomores were doing what they could. Raquel is an officer and in charge of the uniforms.

“It was just us students,” Raquel said. “We are going to own up to our stuff. We are going to be more responsible. We are going to help with our sections.”

Jennie, Cesar, and senior Esmeralda Kimber took it upon themselves to take majority of the responsibility. They did not know how difficult it was actually going to be.

“And me being really shy and awkward, it was a really big challenge to actually get myself out there and tell everyone we need to get work done instead of hiding back into my corner,” Jennie said.

Once the band finally got a director they felt a weight lifted off their shoulders.

“He actually got us to have fun at football games for once, that’s the first thing he did,” Jennie said. “He got us to play more, he helped with our music, he’s done a lot. The first two football games no one was dancing and no one was having fun but when he came everyone started dancing and having fun.”



Trooping into the stadium, the band attends their first football game without a band director.

Alanna Thompson
Trooping into the stadium, the band attends their first football game without a band director.

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