Neon Desert Music Festival takes place Memorial day weekend

Desyree Gandara, Staff Reporter

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Alanna Thompson
Alanna Thompson
Neon Desert Music Festival takes place in Downtown El Paso. The journalism staff takes a big part in capturing special moments that happen at the event.

“This year would be my second year attending Neon Desert. I really like attending the festival because while the music is playing it feels like nothing can touch you.” said Richard Hernandez

It’s based on different types of genres, they bring many different artists every year. Some of the biggest artists performing this weekend are Nelly, J. Balvin, Hardwell and many more. They also bring upcoming artists such as Khalid, who is from El Paso.

“For him to not be from here and show the love he has for El Paso, shows he’s not in it for the fame but in it for the love towards this city.” Nathan Contreras

For a festival like this you need a few essentials to be able to survive throughout the day.

“This is my 4th year going to Neon Desert, I’ve had practice in knowing what I need to survive. I always make sure to stay hydrated, carry cash to purchase food or merchandise from the many booths they have. Of course make sure my phone is fully charged due to the fact that I don’t really trust the phone charger being provided by the festival itself.” said Eric Drumman.

Every year this festival grows , there are always the double of people that show up from the previous year. Many different people experience this Music Festival for the first time and end up coming back the next year. Others it might be their 5th or 6th time attending the festival.

“The fact that we have a festival with different music genres and people can experience them is amazing because not many people can say they have gone to one or gone to one of the bigger festivals in other places so at least they can say they’ve been to a festival.” said Vanessa Vazquez

“I’ve been to many music events before and I must say Neon Desert is one of the best events I’ve ever attended.” said Vanessa Vazquez


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