Teaches aren’t allowed to take school food

Jessica Muller, journalist

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Administration has made it clear that when students are done eating their food in the cafeteria they want them to throw away
everything, even if that means a brand new orange. Administration does not want teachers to take those un eaten fruits and
food from students. Majority thoughts on that were that people were upset, students have spoken up and explained why it’s
“There is no reason to throw away food that has never been touched. America is truly ungrateful for the luxuries we have here,
food is a luxury”, said junior Sofia Perez. “I am from Puerto Rico and over there, there is children hungry because they have no
food. To see food being thrown away here really does affect how I feel, it is really sad. I think that if enough of us will take a
stand against this new rule, it will come to an end”, said Sofia.
Sofia was not the only one startled and upset about this new rule coming from administration. Senior Dylan Muller also had
some input.
“I remember when I was a small child I would never like to finish my food, not because I was full but often because I was a
picky eater. My mother I guess got fed up and broke down and scolded me. She had told me that her fathers brother died when
they were kids because there was not enough food and he died of hunger”, senior Dylan Muller said. “Every since my mother
has told me that I have been much more appreciative, that when I have leftovers from when I eat out I give my plate to someone
homeless I see on the street. I agree with Sofia and do not think this new rule administration has enforced should not exist”, said
Students have also said that their interviews on this topic has given them the courage to address this to administration in hopes
that this will come to an end.

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