Neon Desert Music Festival

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Neon Desert Music Festival has become popular to El Paso within the past few years. In saying so, major artists have
been performing at Neon Desert each year. This year new and upcoming rapper Cardi B was on the line up, but due
to pregnancy, Lil Wayne will take her spot. Students have voiced their thoughts on so.
“I feel like Cardi B has achieved so much fame in such little time and she’s so big and known right now”, says senior
Robert Martinez. “Replacing Cardi with Lil Wayne is such a throw off for our generation. Lil Wayne is older and kind of
forgot about to us, he is basically a downgrade compared to Cardi B”, said Robert.
Although senior Robert Martinez clearly is disappointed about the change in the line up, others have an opposite
opinion and have also voiced their thoughts.
“I’m actually really excited to see Lil Wayne, his songs bring back so many amazing and fun memories from that era”,
senior Mariah Sanchez said. “ I think that Cardi B is seriously over hyped, I feel like Lil Wayne will definitely have a
better and more lit crowd”, says Mariah.
There is not an overall opinion for the change in the line up. There will be a positive and negative outcome on the
switch, but the show will go on.

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