Graduating Early

Jessica Muller, journalist

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High School is a mix of grades and ages. It is clear that some are faster learners than others or some can obtain
information better than others allowing them to advance and excel. Some students have taken their ability to an
advantage and have been working on graduating early. These students have voiced their thoughts and opinions on it.
“ I’ve never really enjoyed highs school and have always sorta laid low, I just did my school work and left” said junior
Tony. “ I knew that I was always smart and capable of doing work all at once, I mentioned that to one of my friends
who graduated already. They had suggested that I talk to my counselor about graduating early, sure enough here I
am, a junior take eight long classes that are also senior classes.” Tony said. “ I am glad I have take this opportunity up
because now I will be graduating before my class.” Tony ended.
Tony is not the only one who has taken a look into graduating early, junior Sofia Perez also likes the idea. She has
also voiced her thoughts and reasons.
“ I have always hung out with the older crowd and have attended their graduations, watching them leave me behind
stuck in high school”, said junior Sofia Perez. “ I talked to my counselor about graduating early but the only way I could
graduate early is by dropping swim and doubling up on classes” Sofia explained. “ I decided not to go with the plan of
graduating early because I enjoy swimming too much. I might as well enjoy high school and have swim all four regular
years”, Sofia said.
Graduating early is definitely an option in high school, but it takes hard work and dedication. Meaning taking lots of
classes and possibly extra classes. It is not for everyone but is available and possible for those who want to graduate

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