Stealing Traditions

El Dorado band plays a traditional song from Andress

Elyssa Gardea, Briana Apodoca, and Elmer Avalos

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Varsity football played against El Dorado at home on September 14. Student Council chooses the theme for the student section every home game and they had chosen ‘battle of the bands’ due to the feud between the bands.

“The students were told to wear any shirt as long as it’s a bands, some were wearing ‘AC/DC’ shirts and some wore ‘One Direction,’” senior Madeline Healy said. “We also hung up posters, one being ‘you may have stolen our songs, but not our spirt.’”

Both bands crossed paths and the previous band director greeted Mr. Lozano, new band director, and the El Dorado band clapped as the band passed by playing the entrance song ‘Star Wars.’

“When we were trooping in, Mr. C was calling out everyone’s names in a way that seemed like he was proud of us,” Sanchez said. “But at the same time no one wanted to look at him because we all felt betrayed.”

Due to a tweet shared on July 26, students found out that the previous band director shared a traditional song, ‘Aaron’s Rift,’ with El Dorado’s band. After students had seen the video, students felt very disrespected. 

“Being a part of Andress is like a whole different type of family and to have an important tradition being taken away and given to another family, it doesn’t make us feel original anymore,” senior Viviana Sanchez said. “Being original is what makes our traditions the best of the best.”

Students from the school quote tweeted and shared their own heated messages directed towards the previous band director.

“I wrote something along the lines that Mr. C is one of the worse band directors to come to Andress,” junior Samantha Porter said. “He single handedly took a tradition and shared it with others.”

During the football game, El Dorado played ‘Aaron’s Rift’ and ‘CJ2,’ which were traditional songs played by the Andress band.

“When I first heard them play the songs, I got pretty mad and frustrated. I was all smiling and having a good time with the student section and as soon as they played it, that smile left my face,” senior Jessica Borrego said. “All I could think was how dare they come to Andress territory and play those songs like nothing.”

Varsity football defeated the El Dorado Aztecs with a final score of 27-6.

“It felt amazing winning the game, it made me feel like we did the band and everyone around the school proud to win on the field and our band win in their battle too,” senior Mark Ramos said. 

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