Proud to say “I’m from Andress High school”

Joyce Castanon

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The home of the sun city school was ranked an overall 77 released by the Texas Education Agency. Andress high school is right behind Chapin with their school ranked with an 82 and following behind is Irvin with a 67. People say Andress is located in ghetto part of northeast and consider the school to have low academics because of where it’s located.

“No, I don’t consider Andress to be ghetto, it’s a regular school just like the rest in the Northeast. We get the same education as the rest of the schools do,” junior Serena Pacheco said.

The first thought that people get when they think about Andress is that it has a bad reputation and is full of bad people.

“At first, I thought the school had a bad reputation behind it. The reputation was false, people may be rude at times, but overall Andress is a very diverse humble place,” junior Nadia Escobedo said.

Grass growing, roof tiles missing, broken stalls in the rest room and mold growing all over the buildings.

“The school need a lot of work done to restore it. The restrooms are all messed up, there are leaks in the roof, and when people come visit our school, this is what they see. The building shouldn’t define the student who attend Andress,” junior Eros Bautista said.

In the area 79924 is part of a low-income neighborhood and 63% of the students are economically at a disadvantage according to U.S. News Education rankings. The students don’t mind if their school is located in a low-income area.

“When I go to conventions or mentorships, they often ask me what school I go to and I proudly say Andress High School. Our school has so many humble students and staff. We are a regular high school, we may not have a bunch of nice stuff like other schools, but what we do have is spirt and pride,” senior Jalen Joseph said.

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