Same-Sex Couples Not Allowed to Run for Homecoming Court


Jin Koo, Reporter

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Homecoming, to many, can be a pivotal part of their high school experience, but some students did not have the opportunity to participate in the full festivities.

Andress Homecoming rules did not allow for same-sex couples to run for king or queen and senior couple Ivory Turner and Rebecca Robinson gave their thoughts on it.

“Like sure keep it traditional, but that means only people in heterosexual relationships get to run and homosexual relationships can’t and that’s when it gets to be a problem for me, “ Ivory said. “Homosexual relationships, I believe, would also like to take part in the Homecoming court and I don’t think it’s fair that only straight people get to run.”

When asked about why she thinks this decision was made, Ivory had this to say.

“What I truly believe is that it’s because you don’t see a lot of homosexual couples around school,” Ivory said. “And I believe that is because a lot of them don’t want to be out yet, or aren’t comfortable, or they’re just low-key about it, or they don’t think too much about it.”

She continued on with the school’s apparent way of thinking.

“So people who make decisions on campus don’t see a lot of it so it’s never in their mind to say, ‘hey, maybe we should include the gays,’ I don’t think it ever crosses their mind when deciding things like this,” Ivory said.

Rebecca shared similar sentiment with this statement.

“There’s not many LGBT couples and being straight is the usual,” Rebecca said. “So it’s easier to just keep things the way it is.”

With the imposing rules towards them, Ivory had a possible remedy to their issues.

“Two other schools in our district do this thing at Homecoming called the ‘Royal Couple’ where anyone can run if they please, it doesn’t have any gender rules,” Ivory said. “And that’s what I believe would be a great stepping stone for Andress.”

Student council members were responsible for various parts of Homecoming such as decorations, theme, layout, dress up days, and talking about topics like this ‘Royal Couple’ idea.

“There was a discussion on a Royal Couple which would have been open to anyone, same sex, or even best friends,” senior student council president Madeline Healy said. “But the officers decided we wanted individual running as it has been for previous years.”

Even with the limiting rules on the Homecoming court, the event itself has been met with great response.

“Hoco went very well and as planned,” senior student council member Arturo Carrasco said. “The students and faculty enjoyed it and there was little to no complaints.”

Those affected still had not let the decision get in the way of their experience.

“It was still great, I mean I’m not going to let it ruin my whole experience.” Rebecca said. “It was great hanging out with friends and my girlfriend.”

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