College Fair

Jin Koo, Reporter

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There are many decisions to make after high school and various students are unsure about or have not decided on their path. The recent fair had a multitude of booths where the students could learn about different colleges or even military options. This event has proven to be beneficial to many.

“The college fair gave me the information I needed to know based on my career choice,” senior Nicole Paz said. “It was something that was very helpful for my future and now I can decide the college that would be perfect for the career I choose and myself.”

There were a variety of different colleges present such as New Mexico State University, the University of Texas at Austin, and Texas A&M University. There was a great amount information given by these schools that helped in deciding what the best option is for the students.

“The college that drew me in more was UTEP,” Nicole said, “the info they gave me was that they invited me to a day on campus where they showed us the programs.”

While Nicole, who plans to be a nurse, found a great deal of information, there were some fields of study that were not as heavily present.

“Very little colleges had what I wanted to study,” senior Oscar Aponte said.

Even though Oscar plans to go into archaeology and did not find many programs to enter, he was still able to make the most of the opportunity.

“It introduce me to many choices and colleges I’ve never heard of,” Oscar said.

Senior Pa’Chance Tillman, who also plans to go into the medical field, found some issues with the fair.

“I feel like it could have been a little more organized,” Pa’Chance said. “It seemed a little scattered, also there should be more schools.”

Though like Oscar, she still found useful information for her future.

“It allowed me to get more of a one on one interaction with people who work with schools to gain better knowledge of them,” Pa’Chance said.


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