NBA All-Star game

adrian pena, reporter

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The NBA All-Star game is to take place in the Spectrum Center, in Charlotte, North Carolina on Sunday February 17that 6 PM, where it will be hosted by professional rapper Meek Mill, he will present the names of all the NBA All-Stars.

Andress high school sophomore Patrick Leek said” I don’t think that Meek Mill should present the players because he is a rapper and maybe another celebrity like a comedian or an actor but not Meek Mill.”

Also, there will be a halftime show where another professional rapper J-Cole will put on a show in his home state in the Spectrum arena, he will perform a few of his songs on both his album KOD, and fan favorites.

When asking sophomore Julian Meeks, a big fan of basketball, what he thinks about JCole performing the halftime show for the all-star game he said. “I think he deserves it he has been dropping music all year as well as being in a lot of featured songs. Also, he is back in his home state, it’s going to be a show.”

The all-star game players will be selected by two captains and both players will be able to select their own players for their team just like the previous year. The two captains will be representing for both east and west, the captain for the west will be Lakers starting small forward LeBron James. For the east, the Milwaukee Bucks small forward Giannis Atentokounmpo. After hearing the news about the captains that were selected, Jacob Garcia commented.” I think that the captain that should have been selected is James Harden because of the stats he is putting up and LeBron was captain last and has only played like two games this season. I do agree with Giannis being captain of the east team because he led the bucks to the first in the east and he is also putting up amazing numbers.”

As far as the teams that are being assembled, the draft took place on February 6th.both captains had the chance to draft their teams, LeBron James chose his starters Kyrie Irving at point guard, James Harden at shooting guard, Kawhi Leonard at small forward, LeBron James as power forward, and finally Kevin Durant at center.

When asking sophomore Patrick leek what he thought about the lineup of starting all-stars for the west he said.” I think that if the west doesn’t win this game their garbage because that’s the best lineup in all-star history.”

For team for the east Giannis Antenokounmpo chose his starters as well he chose Stephen Curry as starting point, Kemba Walker at the two, Paul George at the small forward, and Giannis at the power forward, and Joel Embiid to play the center. When a student Derrick Denton heard about the lineup he said. “I don’t think he really chose the right starting lineup and I don’t think they’re going to win.”

The all- star game is to take place on the 17thso don’t miss it.


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