The 91st Annual Academy Awards

Jin Koo, Reporter

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The lead up to the 2019 Oscars ceremony has been riddled with various events and controversies. An “Outstanding Achievement in Popular Filmcategory that was introduced, then quickly removed. Then it was announced that the parts of the Cinematography, Film Editing, Live Action Short Film, and Make-up and Hairstyling awards will not be broadcasted and instead be relegated to take place during the commercials. Much like previous decisions, this was reverted back with many of those in the industry being in complete disapproval of the original choice. The list of film industry members who were vying for the awards to be fully televised can be viewed on the American Society of Cinematographers’ website.

One of the biggest differences with the ceremony was the lack of a host. Kevin Hart was announced to be the host and in a matter of days, the position was open once again amid an online scandal, resulting in the first Oscars without a host in 30 years.

“I actually really liked it without a host, really sped up the process,” senior Ivory Turner said. “It was still pretty funny without a host to crack most of the jokes. Overall, I don’t really mind there being a host or not, I just like to see who wins.”

Ivory also had her own picks of which awards presentation she was looking forward to the most.

“Best Makeup, since I want to pursue a career as a special makeup effects artist,” Ivory said. “I was very happy with ‘Vice’ being the winner.”

Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga also gave their first televised performance of “Shallow,” which won Best Original Song, from their film “A Star Is Born.”

“It was one of the highlights of the night,” Senior Oscar Aponte said. “The performance was spectacular.”

Alfonso Cuarón, who made his way onto the stage three times for his film “Roma” winning Best Cinematography, Directing, and Foreign Film, did not go up the stage for Best Picture like many experts predicted. Instead, with many other favorites in the running, “Green Book” walked away as the winner.

“It was super sweet when ‘Roma’s’ director won the best director award,” Ivory said. “And I thought for sure that ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ would’ve won Best Film, but I am happy that ‘Green Book’ won.”

Rami Malek, the only one in his category to not have been nominated for an Oscar previously, walked away with the Best Actor award for his portrayal of Freddie Mercury in “Bohemian Rhapsody.” Oscar, who had previously picked “A Star Is Born” to sweep many of the awards gave of his thoughts on some of the winners.

“Honestly, it wasn’t a surprise, I expected some of these nominations to win,” Oscar said. “Rami Malek portrayed a real person that was gay and ‘Green Book’ was about a gay man. Honestly, you play gay or mentally ill, you win an Oscar.”

Referring to Mahershala Ali’s performance in “Green Book,” which won him his second Academy Award in the Supporting Actor category, Oscar then viewed the Best Picture award winning film after these remarks.

“Not only that, but his performance was incredible in the film,” Oscar said. “I watched the movie last night and now that I think about it, it doesn’t matter if he was gay in the movie.”

“Green Book,” the Peter Farrelly directed film based on a true story, won Best Picture over other favorites such as “The Favourite,” “Roma,” and “Bohemian Rhapsody.”

“I think it’s a perfect choice,” Oscar said in regards to the Best Picture.

Ivory also said that she was not upset about “Bohemian Rhapsody” not winning.

“I have not watched ‘Green Book’ yet, but from people that have watched it, they say it was an amazing movie,” Ivory said.

Ultimately, movie ratings are a matter of opinion as shown by varying opinions. Ivory is also not the only that believed “Bohemian Rhapsody” should’ve won the Oscar.

“I think everything was good and the decisions were good as well. The only thing I did not like was the Best Picture,” senior Israel Guzman said. “I believe ‘Bohemian Rhapsody should have won Best Picture, but it was probably given to ‘Green Book’ because Bohemian won too many awards.”

Israel said that the story of the British-Persian immigrant with an overbite becoming a lead singer should’ve won.

“No one really knew how he sounded until he met the band backstage and tested how he sounded,” Israel said. “They were amazed by how his overbite made his singing voice louder and how his life was from nothing to something in a matter of years.”

Of course, there were many more awards presented throughout the night then the ones mentioned. Olivia Colman won Best Actress for “The Favourite” beating out the much predicted Glenn Close, Spike Lee won his first competitive Oscar in the form of “BlackKlansman” winning Best Adapted Screenplay, and the “Green Book” screenwriters won Best Original Screenplay. The full list of winners and nominees can be seen on the official Oscars website.

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