Mascara donations

Irene Delgado, Newspaper writer

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  Stuco is collecting old, cleaned mascara brushes in donation for the purposes of helping wild life. They are using mascara wands specifically because the bristles are close together, working best to remove fly eggs and larvae from the fur of animals according to

 “We saw the idea on social media and pitched it at one of the meetings,” senior Shamya McDowell said.

  Next, they have put up signs around the school and announce it in the morning and afternoon about the donations for cleaned used mascara brushes.

  “About twenty five donations have been recieved, we will be collecting until April first. These donations will be sent to Wildlife wands,” head of student council Mrs. Rendon said.

  At this time, mascara brushes are being brought in for donations and will be taken until next month. These donations do take time as Wild life do not need newly bought mascara but are asking for used clean brushes.

  “We stuco saw a post on twitter about saving the mascara brushes in help of animals and decided that it’s a project we were interested in because it falls under our energy and environment branch,” senior Madeline Healy said.

  Furthermore these sites write about how to prepare the brushes before mailing, on these websites it also gives the address to where they can be sent.

  Next time when faced with an empty mascara, instead of simply tossing it.  Send the clean wands over to the Appalachian Wildlife Refuge to help our furry pals. According to people can find more information and where to send their used brushes on their website.

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