Spring Break Arrives

Jin Koo, Reporter

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With the break now closing in, many students have already started to anticipate the annual week off. Although as the last days of high school creep in, students also have begun to reflect on the last grading period as well as the next one.

“The last nine weeks have been such a roller coaster for me,” senior Nicole Paz said. “I feel like it’s going to be fun and exciting due to us getting closer to adulthood.”

Referring to the upcoming nine weeks, Nicole is not the only one to share excitement for the year. Of course, with the last weeks of high school coming soon, the last few opportunities for academic success follows.

“The last nine weeks were not too bad,” senior Lilian Perez said. “But now that the year is almost ending, there’s no room for slacking off.”

The previous grading period proved to be a simple one for various students and now they are looking forward into the rest of the year.

“This past nine weeks has actually been pretty easy, I managed to keep my grades up high,” senior Devon Yanez said. “I’m super excited to finish high school and move on to the next chapter.”

Though there is work to be done after break, the week off is spent for fun and relaxation for multiple students. Devon herself stated that she is going to be in California for her spring trip.

“I’ll be going to Disneyland and Knot’s Berry Farm,” Devon said.

With many going out of town and spending the week at vacation destinations, some students are going to be taking a bit more relaxed approach.

“As a last minute person, my plans come in the spur of the moment,” Lilian said. “As of now, I have no plans so maybe for now I’ll just stay home til something comes up.”

For seniors, the upcoming nine weeks after break will be their last before high school graduation and students are anticipating what it has in store for them.

“An event that I’m looking forward to after break is Prom for sure,” Lilian said. “Now that it is outside and as a senior, I’m looking forward to seeing the change.”

Lilian is not the only one looking forward to the upcoming Prom. The event is one that many are building up their excitement for.

“I’m looking forward to Prom since it’s my last Prom,” Nicole said. “I’m waiting to spend it with friends who will make high school end in a great way.”

A certain commemorative event is coming up that has seniors waiting as Devon stated when asked what she’s looking forward to.

“Definitely mainly looking forward to graduation,” Devon said.

With graduation being the culmination of high school, there are still a multitude of senior activities lined up for the big day.

“I am also excited for senior days when we get to enjoy everyone’s company and have fun,” Devon said.

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