Class of 19

Irene Delgado, Newspaper writer

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“Graduation is not the end; its the beginning” a quote from Orin Hatch.

To begin, seniors are a few weeks from graduation and as the time gets shorter more activities are put out for their last memories of high school.

“I have mixed emotions. I am really excited for my future and whats to come, but also extremely sad that I am leaving some people who made high school amazing,” Senior Camryn Gruidl said.

According to Camryn for now she is just focusing all her attention on passing her IB tests so she can get her IB diploma. This test is important so that they may recieve all credit from the classes they have taken. Aside from maintaining this goal she is happy to get a break every now and then to be a part of the senior class activities to really take in that its all coming to an end.

“I have worked towards this diploma for the past two years.” Camryn said.

Therefore, as the time wines down students are still working in their classes in order to recieve the credits needed and to maintain the goal of recieving an IB diploma if they were in that program. They will be testing soon for IB, so they are focused on passing to get credit for all they have done throughout the year.

“These moments really let us soak up the last moments of high school. This past year has flown by, so to take time to enjoy being a senior is nice,” senior Shamya McDowell said.

Although, many students are ready to get out of here and just graduate. “I will definitely miss high school and my friends but I am ready to leave. I would be annoyed to be here another year,” senior Rebecca Robinson said.

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