Student council interviews

Vivian Perez, staff reporter

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Interviews are such a minuscule problem for young teens until the age of sixteen because of jobs, but rarely heard of during school. Well on this campus it is not that rare.  Students in the month of April were given an opportunity to be a student body manager or a student council officer which all fall under the student council committee.

In order to become a member there are requirements and one of those requirements is an audition/ interview with former Student body Managers, Officers and adviser. Interviews can be quite challenging or nerve racking for some people.

“I’m a fairly confident person and felt good and calm, the only intimidating part would be when I walked in and sat down because all the current, now past members of student council were all sitting in arrow directly in front of me keeping myself completely isolated,” said junior Samantha Porter.

Nervousness and intimidation is something all the candidates seemed to of shared throughout the interview process.

“I was feeling nervous before the interview but afterwards pretty confident. It was a little intimidating because of how the interview was set up with the members sitting in a row of ten in front of me, The questions weren’t hard because it was something I truly wanted to do so the answers came naturally,” said junior Ivan Vera.

For some students not all, confidence is a characteristic high school students are lacking and trying to gain each and every day. Confidence can play a big part in certain situations for everyday life scenarios, there will always be nerves for many reasons but confidence and believing in yourself will make situations a bit easier.

“I was very nervous for this interview only because I cared for the position but once I walked in the seating arrangement was pretty intimidating because there was a line of former student council members and I was just there, but they were welcoming and they were great,” said Serena Pacheco.

Being a part of Student council is a great privilege and responsibility on campus. Being involved in school is something many teachers and adults will encourage. Forcing students to volunteer or join clubs is not the best way to go about because the students wont genuinely care about what they are doing and it won’t befit them. On the other hand these three students volunteered willingly, knowing and wanting to accept future challenges.

“I wanted to attend the interview because I’m fairly a confident person and I was interested in not only becoming a part of Student council but becoming a student body manager” Samantha Porter said.

Students who audition/interview to be a part of student council understand they will be the face of their school and representing the student body in a positive respectful manner.

“I wanted to be more involved with my school and what’s better than to join student council, they always seem to have fun while making our school the best it can be,” said junior Ivan Vera.

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