Is STAAR Testing Necessary

Joyce Castanon

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Silence, papers shuffling and pencils scribbling for 6 hours straight with no breaks this is called the STAAR test. This test is a requirement for the State of Texas to assess the student’s knowledge of what they learned in their grade level.

“I feel like STAAR testing is just a waste of my time and the school time just to see if the students meet the state of Texas requirements for that certain area,” junior Eros Bautista said.

Not only students have to test for the STAAR test, but teacher have to stay in the room with us until every student is finish testing.

“I feel that STAAR testing is a detriment to both teachers and students alike. It forces teacher to teach to a test, and it force students to learn a test, and they’re not able to exercise their full potential,” teacher Randy Click said.

Students have to wait one or two months to receive their scores just to see if they have to take it again next semester.

“I think most students just take the test serious because if they don’t, they know they have to retake it until the pass the test,” senior Katherine Elliott said.

Students also feel like this test shouldn’t determine how smart are you or what level of education you should be at.

“I don’t think we should do it because we are stressing out the people taking the test just to see if they meet the grade level and I feel like this test shouldn’t determine if you pass. Our grades and effort should show who passes the grade level,” junior Jazmine Barrios said.

Texas Monthly reports wrote an article about “Are Texas kids failing? Or is the test rigged?

And in the article, it told us that “Statewide, 71 percent of all students who took English 1 test in the fall of 2016 failed.”

“I failed my algebra 1 test and I felt like I learned how to solve algebra problems, but when it came to the test, I felt like is way more harder problems than I had learned to do in class,” senior Jazmine Flores said.

Not only the test is harder, but these tests are not even seen by colleges or employer and Texas is spending millions of dollars just to see if you meet the requirements.

I feel like the test should just be discontinued because I doesn’t show your year around knowledge and it just stress a person so much to pass it that it creates stress for that person that we don’t need, plus the money wasted for these test can be used for a greater good in our classes,” junior Casey Holguin said.

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