Operation College Bound

Jin Koo and Caleb Cepeda

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Recently, an event hosted by UTEP and EPCC was held to assist with graduating seniors better understand college and even register for orientation for these schools. The event appears to have been beneficial for numerous students that attended.

“College bound did help me because I didn’t know the first step into the college world,” senior Jacquelin Chavez said. “The college bound set up did help me because I was able to get the answers and help I needed.”

The importance of the college bound event was stated heavily during the lead up. Those who had questions regarding their future could also have them answered as senior Jonathan Clark found out.

“College bound was very useful to me being that I had many holds for financial and those wouldn’t have been taken care had it not been for the UTEP associates who knows when I would’ve gotten my financial aid package,” Jonathan said. “Furthermore, they introduced me to many other opportunities at UTEP such as their prep courses over the summer, housing, marching band, as well as their recreational center.”

Of course, as it often does, with praise comes critique and this event was no exception as it seemed to have been somewhat limited in terms what was presented.

“It was a good concept, but they didn’t have my information for some reason, but overall it was alright,” senior Jesus Chavez said.

Even though there was an unfortunate lack of info for Jesus, the college event was able to prepare others.

“The arrangement of college satisfied all of my needs for I am now on the right track to being college ready with no issues whatsoever,” Jonathan said. “Once August rolls around, I’m happy to say that I will be accessing all of UTEP’s opportunities as well as classes that will benefit me towards a field of study that I admire.”

Now with “Operation College Bound” over and the time for graduation is nearing, many are deciding their path.

“I’ll be attending EPCC and once I graduate from there, then I’ll go to UTEP,” Jacquelin said.

EPCC was a very popular choice of college upon graduation.

“I’m planning on going to EPCC just to take it slow and get adjusted to college,” Jesus said.

Various students now have decided their immediate and faraway plans whether UTEP or EPCC, some thanks to the event. Jonathan, who will be attending UTEP, also has a planned future ahead of him.

“As far as college goes, I will be attending UTEP for my freshman year as UTCAP student where I will be transferring to UT Austin after my first year of university,” Jonathan said. “I wish to study and pursue a degree in computer engineering throughout my years to come.”

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