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Jin Koo, Reporter

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The 22nd installment in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, “Avengers: Endgame,” released to mass acclaim and record-breaking box-office records. The 11-year journey to reach the end of what has been billed as “Infinity Saga” has been a part of many student’s lives since the birth of the franchise in 2008.

“It’s a perfect end to a great saga,” senior Oscar Aponte said. “It’s been good, this series has been a part of me ever since.”

Oscar is of course referring to “Endgame” as well as the Jon Favreau directed “Iron Man” film starring Robert Downey Jr. which kicked off the shared universe. Students, such as Oscar and senior Nathan Bencomo, had been following along for the ride for over a decade back to when most current seniors would’ve been in elementary school.

“I’m very glad I got to grow up watching these movies because I was able to experience all the hype that these movies brought to the theaters,” Nathan said.

The franchise has given students much joy over the 11-year time period.

“I’ve always enjoyed the Marvel movies,” senior Andrew Guerrero said. “And I enjoyed going to see the movies every time they came out.”

The film broke all kinds of records such as being the highest grossing foreign film ever in China with a current $603 million gross there, according to CNN. It’s also beat out James Cameron’s “Titanic” in terms of box office numbers. The movie has so far made $2.4855 billion worldwide, as of May 12 2019, according to Forbes, only beat by another of Cameron’s films “Avatar.” The success of this film may have not been a surprise to many as it has been a hit to many students.

“It was a remarkable film,” Oscar said. “Probably the greatest film of this generation.”

Even though it’s seemingly apparent, Oscar was one of many who had sung its praises.

“I thought ‘Endgame’ was a ten out of ten film because of how it was made and how it tied up so many of the past movies,” Nathan said.

The ending of the movie had been the talk of the world over and has been met with much positive response, which Andrew has given as well.

“I like the Avenger’s saga and I’m satisfied with how everything ended,” Andrew said. “I really enjoyed ‘Endgame’ and I like everything about it. In my opinion, there’s nothing bad about the movie.

The film seemingly wrapped up a story that many had been following along for years, with many wondering if they will be invested in the series as before. Of course, there are also those looking forward for the future, such as Nathan who stated that he will be a fan for the rest of his life.

“From someone who has watched all the movies, I feel like they really closed it out very well and I’m a little sad that it’s the end of this wave of Marvel,” Nathan said. “But then I’m also very excited for the new wave of Marvel characters.”

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