Attendance Malfunction

Joyce Castanon

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Grades, exams, and exemptions are finally here, and the year is almost out. Every year students are allowed to turn in an exemptions form to be excuse from the test and also to leave early that day. This year the rules has change on how to get out early.

“I think it’s ridiculous, we have always been able to turn in a slip that would be our permission to leave after the first half, and now we have to do more just to leave the class we have no purpose staying in, I don’t get why they had to try and change the way it has always been,” senior Irene Delgado said.

Before students would just leave right after lunch and go home for the rest if the day. Now the students’ parents have to check them out in the front of the office and then the student take the slip to show if it’s okay with the teacher then go back to the office.

“It sucks because a lot of parents work during the day and won’t have the chance to leave work and pick up their children,” junior Damaris Martinez said.

If the student parents don’t pick up the child they must go to the library, small gym, or the cafeteria until he school ends.

“The fact we don’t get to leave even if we are exempt kind of irritates me because of the fat that we’ve worked so hard all semester to maintain our absences part. If being exempt just means we have to stay, then attendance shouldn’t matter,” junior Serena Pacheco said.

Not only the students have a lot to do to try to get their parents come pick them up, the attendance clerk have to go through this process to make sure that child is exempted and is free to go home with appropriate paper work.

“It’s for the safety of the students and the program is excellent to make sure the student checks out property from the school with a parent or guardian,” attendance clerk said.

The parents are upset that the they have to go to the office just to check out their child to be exempted.

“It ridiculous because parents don’t have the time to go back a forward to check out their kids and check back in, they told my daughter something else and the administration is saying something different,” parents Perez said.

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