2019 NJHSC trip to Anaheim, California

Hayli De La Garza, Staff Reporter

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On April 25, five students and one adviser took a trip to Anaheim, California to participate in a journalism convention.

The convention consisted of sessions which ranged from 50 minutes to 2 hours. The sessions were taught by advisers and students, and were filled with many different topics of discussion.

These classes taught many different journalism ideas to the students and advisers.

“The sessions were very interesting and helpful to us and every person that was teaching the lessons were very nice and enthusiastic which made the sessions fun,” junior Serena Pacheco said.

Some of the topics for the sessions were used to help those in headline writing, being a good leader, and writing and editing stories.

“The sessions were interesting and I enjoyed them but only when it was something I actually wanted to learn,” junior Vivian Perez said.

While the trip was based around the convention, there was time for fun as well. Students visited paces like the beach, Chinatown, a Dodgers baseball game, California adventure, and Hollywood.

“I usually try to do things that I like to do myself like baseball games and going to the non-touristy things,” journalism teacher Ismael Barraza said.

“Sometimes it’s hard to find the balance between doing too much or too little. I always want to give the students an experience they’ve never had before.”

Coming back from this trip, the students had a better sense of what it is like to become a better journalist and all the steps to take in order to become a better leader as well.

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